GUCCI and LV have opened new restaurants again!

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Today, cross-border branding is no longer a rare thing. Even those big-name luxury goods have cross-border catering services and pay close attention to food. Although they can't afford those big-name tote bags, the restaurant is at least affordable!

                                                                                                     GUCCIL Los Angeles

On February 17th, Gucci's new restaurant opened, located on a street in Los Angeles where many luxury fashion boutiques gather. The bright colors are very eye-catching.

The restaurant is located at the top of the Gucci store and serves a variety of Italian cuisine. It is the first "Romantic Vintage Garden" Gucci Osteria restaurant opened in a foreign country.

The romantic macarons are paired with marble tones and mosaic floors for a retro look. The interior wallpapers are all from Gucci Décor's woodland prints.

The emerald-green steel beam supports a awning to shade the diners for a pleasant meal. The plants and rattan chairs in the outdoor area also reflect the passion and vitality of California.

LV · Japan

On February 1, the latest flagship store of Louis Vuitton was officially opened in Osaka, Japan, and the world's first LV cafe "Le Café V" was also unveiled. It looks like a "white sailing ship" and its design is very special. Inspired by the ancient traditional fishing boat "Higaki", combining brand culture with local Japanese culture.

Le Café V is located on the top floor of the flagship store, with 610,000 hanging chairs, 100,000 yuan table lamps ... full of "magnificence"!

The cafe also has a terrace to get a closer look at the exterior of the building. At night, it will also become an outdoor bar, which is perfect for parties.

There is also a restaurant that has been selected as one of the "50 Best Restaurants in Asia" all year round.

PRADA · Milan & London

In 2014, Prada acquired an old-fashioned dessert shop on Napoleon Street in central Milan and transformed it. Eventually, this century-old dessert shop founded in 1824 became today's high-end dessert shop.

The space is mainly green. The green Venetian plaster wall is blended with flowers of the same color and echoes the green chairs. The floor is also green Alpine marble, creating a fresh and elegant retro space.

In the design of the store, Prada continues the classic Italian aesthetics and retains a strong brand culture. In the spring of 2019, the first overseas branch opened in London.

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