Where to buy bar tables and chairs?

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Where to order bar tables and chairs? Of course, choose a professional bar table and chair custom factory, what brings you is a Nordic ins net red wind bar round high table and chair combination. Let's take a look at what features it has!




feature of product


This bar table and chairs use a simple and stylish design, can be used in various scenarios. High-quality wrought iron paint frame, the overall more texture. The marble can be customized to meet more needs.



Design highlights


This is a very modern bar table and chair combination. The simple shape design and gorgeous colors reflect a high-grade interior space. It is a beautiful landscape no matter where it is placed, allowing people to enjoy a different life. style. The simple and atmospheric design is more popular with modern young people.




material analysis


This bar table and chair is made of high-quality craftsmanship, and its color is metallic. The pure metal process makes it have a good load-bearing capacity, and the stable support is more secure. The surface seat bag of the bar chair is made of high-quality sponge, which is soft and comfortable and has good resilience. The surface has numerous breathable small holes, which is more comfortable and refreshing. The table top of the bar table is made of customized marble, which enhances the overall grade and meets more needs.



Brand story


bonsuny creates a high-quality fashion-style custom-made catering furniture brand. Our dining tables and chairs are elegant, simple and stylish! Since the establishment of the brand, we have always put quality and service in the first place of management, adhering to the concepts of quality, environmental protection, cost-effectiveness, etc. that cater to the taste and pursuit of modern people, and constantly innovate, so that simple and natural lifestyle is reflected in it. Won the love of more young people and bring a better quality of life for more people!

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