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So often we are distracted by side points when we are looking for our hospitality furniture that we forget that we really wanted something else. Companies boast the best price, fastest delivery, four colours in stock!…and we are left settling for products we weren’t truly after. You want a dark blue velvet dining chair with a vinyl back, but settle for the all-over sky-blue piece because that was what they had. Or you pictured a brass rimmed table with matching pillar stands and patterned black surface, but take the plain, black timber piece with four plain legs because that was their standard item. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way!
Serenity Made are custom hospitality furniture experts. That’s what we do. Project after project is about developing unique touches to our furniture range to match our clients’ fitout needs. With over a thousand products available to customise, and the ability to develop bespoke furniture, we pride ourselves on being able to match our clients’ needs. So, what exactly can we do? Let’s take a look at 3 areas of pretty basic customisation that you shouldn’t have to miss out on.

stackable and non stackable stoolsA stackable stool (right) and a non-stackable stool (left). Liangjiu can modify products to suit your needs.

1. Hospitality Furniture Form

The basic shape and dimensions of your hospitality furniture are important. You want your booth seating to fit into your space, you need a commercial table top that is a little different in size to the average piece. These are some basic form changes that should be available to you. But it doesn’t end there. We can take one of our tables and bump up the height if you need, or maybe you want to develop a bar stool version of a dining chair that you like, or perhaps cut out the arms of a fancy cafe armchair, the possibilities are endless!
When it comes to table tops, of course all the finishing details are available. If you need rounded corners for your timber top, or perhaps a bullnose or even double bullnose on your marble piece, just say the word.
Changing table bases and table tops is easy. Our event hire clients are often looking for tables with interchangeable tops to multiply their variety on offer, and the options are nearly endless.
A regular request we receive is that our clients need their usual chairs to be stackable, either to keep in storage for special occasions or to be packed-up in the evening. We can alter leg structures and frames to create stackable pieces for many of our items, whilst maintaining the original style’s integrity.

2. Materials and fabrics

furniture fabricDon’t be limited to a small range of fabric choices. Choose a colour that you want.

Choices of materials and fabrics for certain upholstered furniture pieces can have dramatic effects. Everything from price to function. For example, marble changed to stone with marble laminate is significantly cheaper and indistinguishable to the average patron. An aluminium frame compared to an iron frame is going to make a much better outdoor piece, as is a teak table compared to an ashwood table.
When it comes to fabrics and leather, being able to choose your own can be priceless. A high quality Italian leather can really elevate a sofa’s elegance. If you have a colour theme, being able to match your velvet ottomans rather than just a near-enough colour can bring the whole fitout together.
We have access to thousands of fabric and leather choices and, if by chance you don’t see what you are looking for, we can use your chosen fabric supplier.

5-300x200.jpgChoose the wood finish or treatment you want or need. We can also match your colours.

3. Finishes and treatments

Why settle for a standard finish when you can specify exactly what you are looking for? Timber and metal finishes can vary as much as our fabric selection! By choosing the colour, type and material, you can truly create a unique piece.
There are many types of treatments that can be applied to your furniture, from fire retarding and resistant treatments, to stain protections. Water-proofing to fade protection. For wood you can even have treatments to help prevent pests. Customising your furniture means that you have access to all of these options.
Of course there is one big drawback to buying customisable pieces. No, it isn’t the price. Our prices are extremely competitive compared to standard items. It is timeframe. Customisation means manufacturing specifically for you and this can take from 35 to 45 days, depending on the item and quantity. But if you have the time, there is no reason you should be settling for pre-made items!

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